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Io. Fuego Air Plants

The Drunken Gnome Air Plant Pack will include your choice of 1, 3, 5, 10 , 30 or 50 Ioantha Fuego Air Plants. Airplants are fun, versatile and easy to keep. They can be displayed in many creative ways making them a great addition to any space and a great conversation piece, especially once you add your own creative display touch! Our air plants are delicately packaged in bright colored tissue paper with a Drunken Gnome sticker and a full color Drunken Gnome care guide, perfect for gift giving and sending! Depending on the season, plants may not be in bloom. All plants may produce a flower with proper TLC. Be sure to watch for beautiful color changes in your plants as they get ready to flower. Tillandsia ionantha fuego is a colorful and fun little air plant. Native to Mexico and areas of Central America. The ionantha fuego is a very low maintenance and quick growing air plant. As it matures, it will produce many offshoots called "pups" which will eventually clump into a ball like formation. When in bloom, the Ioantha Fuego will change to shades of amazing deep reds eventually shooting out white, purple, and blue flowers! This air plant variety prefers very bright indirect sunlight and can stay red year round. Easy care sheet included!

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