The Ionantha Peaches are Starting to Bloom

October 25, 2022

The Ionantha Peaches are Starting to Bloom

Meet the Tillandsia Ionantha Peach!
The T. Ionantha Peach is a small to medium sized air plant. Its leaves are pointy and fuzzy with trichomes. Trichomes are the tiny white dots on an air plant's leaves that allow them to absorb the water and nutrients around them. When not in blush their leaves are a gorgeous soft lime green color. 
Blushing/Blooming: Once a year, usually in early Fall, our Ionantha Peaches come into bloom! Their leaves begin to shift from lush green to a gorgeous soft peach. The higher sunlight they are exposed to the more intense their blush will be. Bright purple flowers will bloom from their center. The flowers may only last for a couple days, but their blush can be enjoyed for a few weeks! 
Pups: Ionantha Peach have a life cycle of growing to maturity and then blooming. Before, during, or after blooming Io. Peach will start producing new baby plants called offsets, which are also known as pups. Io. Peach is a quick grower that produces lots of pups that clump together to form a ball. On average it will produce between 2 - 8 pups.
The pups will obtain nutrients from the mother plant as she ends her lifecycle. They can be separated once the pups grow to 1/3 or half the size of the mother plant. A gentle tug and twist will not hurt the plants as you remove the pups.

Displaying your Peach <3
Air plants require three main things to stay happy and healthy;
  • Bright Indirect Sunlight
  • Water
  • Good Air Flow
These are important things to keep in mind when deciding how and where to display your air plant. Our favorite way to display our plants is hanging on driftwood! This allows for great air flow which is super important as it allows your air plant to dry out completely after watering. As for when to water, mist your Io. Peach once every 2-3 days.


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