The Drunken Gnome Live Sale Terms of Service

The Drunken Gnome Live Sale
Guidelines and Policies

Claiming Items

In order to begin claiming items in the live sale you must fill out the form through the link in the bio. It will ask for your username and your email address. Within 24-48 hours after the live sale we will send an itemized invoice to the email that you provide. Please check your junk mail as sometimes it will fall into there. If you have trouble finding the invoice you can also check our website @ under the live sale orders tab. Your listing will be under your TikTok username. From there you can add the listing to your cart as well as anything else you would like from the website and check out through there.

In the event there are multiple claims on one item, the item will go to the first person’s comment that we see on our device. TikTok as well as other social media platforms will always show your comment first on your screen. This does not mean it came in first on our side. We will always try to be fair and offer a similar piece if one is available.

If a person requests to see a certain item, they will get first dibs on the item shown. Anyone else is welcome to claim if the initial person “passes”. This does not apply when a board-set-up (ex. spheres, towers, or carvings) is requested to be shown. This policy only applies to pieces already available and shown on the board.

Payment for your live sale claims are due within 48 hours of receiving your invoice. We will hold a basket upon request. Please send us a message if you are unable to complete your order within the 48 hour deadline.

Open Baskets
Open baskets are available upon request, however, we do ask for you to complete your invoice from the previous live. We will hold shipping until you are ready. We will give you a shipping credit as you continue claiming so that you won't have to pay shipping multiple times.

Item Put-Back Policy
We do not accommodate “put-back” requests as it greatly impacts our behind the scenes operations. Please understand that hours of backend work go into live sales. Removing items from your invoice can cause confusion in packing as well as adding extra time into our behind-the-scenes work. By claiming items and then removing them this also takes away from others being able to claim them.

We do understand that life happens and sometimes you may need to cancel an order. In that event, we will add your name to a list and will document your put back. We will offer 3 canceled items/orders per person. After three events your name will be added to a “not allowed to shop” list which may result in being blocked or you may be asked for a deposit before you can claim again.

Shipping Fees
For shipping we offer a $5.95 flat rate on all orders under $35. Any order that totals $35 or more will ship for free. We ship through USPS and UPS.

Insurance & Damaged/Broken Items
If you are wanting to add insurance to your entire order, or a portion of your order PLEASE MESSAGE US WITHIN 24 HOURS OF THE LIVE SALE. Once your order has shipped, there is no way of adding insurance to it. Insurance rates start at $5 and will increase depending on the amount that you would like to insure. If your package is over 1lb it will automatically ship through USPS Priority/ UPS ground which will have $100 of insurance already applied.

If your item arrives broken, please message us with a photo within 48 hours of receiving your order. We put a lot of time and care into packing our orders to avoid any chips or breaks. Once the order leaves us, we have no control over how the mailing service handles your package. Please utilize the insurance if you would like the option of a full refund on a damaged or broken piece. If you receive your order and are unhappy, please contact us as soon as possible. Please understand that we are always happy to provide dimensions or weights on any specific item. This can definitely help avoid any uncertainties.

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