Sellers Choice - Fuego

Approx. 2-3"

Price is per 1 air plant. 

Tillandsias, commonly known as air plants, are super easy to care for and are a beautiful addition to any home! As they are not restrained to soil, you can get creative on how you choose to decorate with them! Choose a location for your air plant that has bright indirect sunlight and good air circulation. Watering your air plant is easy! Simply mist them every 1-2 days, and soak them upside down in water once every other week. After each watering make sure they dry out completely by placing the upside down for a couple hours.

*NOTE - Most air plants will arrive with Green Coloration. They will change color and bloom at different stages of their growth cycle. Blushing or Blooming plants are limited and available seasonally and will be sent when available.

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