Post-Bloom Stricta

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Post-Bloom Stricta $5 each

Post-Bloom means this air plant has already gone through the blooming cycle and is now in the process of making pups. On average air plants will produce between 2-8 pups depending on the species. When you receive you air plant it may not already have a pup growing, but you can expect to see one or many in the coming months. The pups will obtain nutrients from the mother plant as she ends her lifecycle. 

These are plants that are otherwise healthy, just have some leaf damage. They can be trimmed to remove browned tips or leaves. The majority have bare bases from removed browned leaves. They may not be the prettiest plants but they are healthy and will continue to grow for you. Please Note* These plants are final sale and non-returnable or refundable. Live arrival guarantee only for a refund of the plant cost only. Shipping is non-refundable. If a plant is dead on arrival, please message a photo of the plant within 2 hours of delivery. 

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