Stricta Air Plant

Approximately 4-6"

Tillandsia Stricta hard leaf is a small to medium sized, easy to grow air plant. It's leaves are firm and evergreen. Tillandsia Stricta hard leaf has irregular leaf growth, spiraling upwards along the center of the plant. It's optimal temperature is 75 +/- 10, with tolerance for higher temperatures and humidity. Tillandsia Stricta hard leaf blooms in spring to early summer with one vibrant flower spike with pink inflorescences and bluish-purple flowers and will clump with time.

Stages of Tillandsia Stricta Hard Leaf

T. Stricta Green

T. Stricta Bloom

Stricta Clump

Stricta Packaging

From Green to Blush

T. Stricta Hard Leaf is a robust medium sized evergreen variety with a firm dense rosette of smooth-edged straight leaves. T. Stricta Hard Leaf displays colors of green to dark green with small, less prominent trichomes. When transitioning into bloom the leaves will change from green to a soft pink color focusing around the bloom.

The leaves are a great indicator for the plants need for water when they show signs of curling. Care must be taken to ensure water does not pool in its bulbous base, as this will cause rot. Good air flow will assist with drying and turning the plant upside down after watering will prevent water from pooling.

Bud Formation & Blooms

T. Stricta Hard Leaf blooms in spring to early summer. They have one of the brightest blooms in the genus with one vibrant flower spike that has apink inflorescence and bluish-purple flowers.

Their flowers can be enjoyed for several days and will then begin to dry up over the next couple of weeks until the entire inflorescence has completely dried out. At this point you can trim the inflorescence for aesthetic purposes or leave it as is.

Fertilizing your Tillandsia with The Drunken Gnome's Bromeliad & Air Plant Food will help encourage budding and brighter blooms.

Reproduction & Propagation

T. Stricta have a life cycle of growing to maturity and then blooming. Before, during, or after blooming T. Stricta will start producing new baby plants called offsets, which are also known as pups. Stricta is a quick grower that produces lots of pups that clump together to form a ball. On average it will produce between 1 - 4+ pups.

The pups will obtain nutrients from the mother plant as she ends her lifecycle. They can be separated once the pups grow to 1/3 or half the size of the mother plant. A gentle tug and twist will not hurt the plants as you remove the pups.

Receiving Your Airplant

No matter what stage your T. Stricta(s) are in at the time of arrival, they will continue to grow and change over time.

Once you receive your new air plant(s), it's important to give them a good soaking and acclimate them to their new environment.

Take care of your air plants and provide for them by nourishing them with adequate sunlight, airflow, water and nutrients and they will reward you for years to come!

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