Synthetic Malachite Ring Air Plant Holder w/ Air Plant

Includes one Synthetic Malachite holder
Holder Size: Approx.: 1"

Includes one air plant
Ionantha Mexican Size: Approx.: 2" (shown in second photo)
Medusae Size: Approx.: 2-3" (shown in third photo)

Crystals and air plants are both magical on their own, but combining their energies makes a truly amazing combo. The Synthetic Malachite will share its metaphysical properties, while the air plant will bring life and air purification to your environment! Synthetic Malachite is formed through modern chemistry practices. 

Metaphysical properties of Synthetic Malachite: Resonates with the heart chakra. Helps with abundance, balance, cleansing.

Air plant(s) may not be in bloom at time of delivery. Air plant size and species may vary slightly according to availability. 

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